E-Squared Lightroom Editing Mini-Course

This mini-course covers all things editing. It is loaded with over 30 editing lessons! We cover how to use Lightroom Classic, our start to finish editing process, a note sheet to fill out along the way, and SO MUCH MORE! This course is the only course of its kind that is going to get rid of that editing overwhelm and have you editing with confidence and efficiency!

Only $67 - I want in!

This course will build your confidence! 

By the end of this course, you will have learned the ins and outs of Adobe Lightroom Classic and how to edit your images the way you have always wanted, with ease.

Let's speed up your editing process! 

We are all about being simple and efficient when it comes to editing. We are going to show you ways to speed up your editing process, all while getting great end results!

This course will help you get organized! 

We give you tips and tricks on how you can organize your images after you take them off of your computer and get them into Lightroom and to your clients! Get ready to "WOW" your clients! 

What is included? 

  • Our File and Lightroom Organizational Process
  • Tour Around Lightroom
  • Lightroom Tips and Tricks
  • Our Start to Finish Editing Process
  • Strategies to Speed Up Editing
  • Tons of Bonus Videos
  • Full Edits of a Variety of Sessions (seniors, families, weddings)
  • Cropping to Print for Clients
  • Presets Talk
  • RAW Images to use while you Practice Editing
  • Everything from the Basic Panel, White Balance, HSL Panel, Spot Removal, Masking, and SO MUCH MORE!  


If we haven't met at a pizza place or brewery before...


Hey, We are Erin & Emily -- identical twin sisters who used to be those nerdy science teachers. We are obsessed with all things sweet, being goofy, reality TV, and we love a good workout!

We are super excited to use our love for teaching to guide you in something we are so passionate about.

We hope you join us for this fun experience!

E-Squared Lightroom Editing Mini-Course

Stop becoming frustrated and overwhelmed by your editing process and join us today! 

We are so excited to share this mini-course with you to help simplify and speed up your editing process.

ONLY $67! - I'm ready to up my game!