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Photography Pricing and Workflow Course

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This course covers all things pricing, workflow, and planning. It is loaded with step-by-step video lessons! We cover how to set your prices, how to streamline your workflow from booking a session to delivering the gallery, and how to plan your year!

You will get a detailed workbook and other resources to use as you work through each lesson to keep yourself organized. 

The best part...you have LIFETIME access to this course. You can watch the videos as you have time and can go back to them as often as you'd like.  This course is the only course of its kind that is going to get rid of that pricing and workflow overwhelm and have you confident with your pricing and saving time with your workflow!  


Before We Tell You ALL About this Life-Changing Course, Let's Talk About Who This is Really For...

You're someone with an eagerness to begin streamlining your workflow to save you time. You are ready to go from feeling overwhelmed and stressed with pricing your photography to confident and ready to make some money! You want to take your business to the next level and stay organized while doing it!  

Whether you're... 

1. Someone who has officially decided to start a photography side business.

2. Someone who has a photography business and is ready to take it full time! Whoop Whoop!

3. Someone who is thinking about starting a photography business, but is struggling with what to charge or where to even begin!

4. Someone who just wants to understand what they should be charging their clients.

5. Someone who needs some time back in their life and needs to organize and streamline their workflow. 

You're in the right place and we're going to tell you exactly how this course will give you the tools, confidence, and support on your journey to growing your photography business and putting more time back into your schedule! 

ENROLL NOW for only $127

This course will help you get your pricing set up the right way! 

By the end of this course, you will have learned the ins and outs of pricing the right way. You will learn about how to set up your packages, how to price your sessions, how to price your prints, and so much more! We cover the do's and don'ts of pricing and why setting up your pricing the right way is so important. We simplify this for you and take you through our step-by-step process. 

This course will streamline your workflow to save you TONS of time! 

We are all about being simple and efficient when it comes to workflow. We are going to show you ways to speed up your workflow process, what some of the essentials are when it comes to streamlining your workflow, and guide you through our actual workflow. We are giving you access to the email templates and questionnaires we use each day! 

This course will help you plan your year and get organized! 

We give you tips and tricks on how you can organize your yearly calendar to make sure you are getting more time back in your schedule. We talk about how we organize our year and when we do our yearly planning. We give you tons of tips and tricks as far as reflecting on your business.  

What is included? 

  • A Step-By-Step Pricing Guide
  • Pricing Do's & Don'ts 
  • How to Form Packages and Price
  • How to Pay Yourself
  • Upselling to Make Extra Income! 
  • How to Price Prints/Alubms
  • Our Start to Finish Workflow
  • Workflow Essentials 
  • Examples of our Questionnaires
  • Email Templates to Streamline Your Workflow
  • Yearly Planning Tips and Tricks
  • Student Workbook
  • Life-Time Access

7 Modules


Module 1 - Planning Your Year

Module 1 is all about planning your year. We talk about what you should be planning each year and tips and tricks when it comes to planning. We also tell you exactly how we plan each year for our business!  

Module 2 - Pricing Basics

Module 2 is all about pricing basics. We talk about why pricing is so important, the do's and don'ts of pricing, and how there is no right or wrong way to form your packages in your business.  

Module 3 - Pricing Steps

Module 3 is where we get serious. We are giving you a step-by-step process of how to price your photography the right way! We talk about how much time you want to work, how much you want to make, how to create packages, how to pay yourself, and more!  

Module 4 - Upselling, Selling Products & Digitals

Module 4 is all about that extra income you can and should be making. We are talking about upselling tips and tricks. We cover why it's important to begin offering prints to your clients and how to price these prints. We give you tips and tricks when it comes to forming a pricing guide and where to order your professional prints. We also cover the importance of making money off of your digital files!  

Module 5 - Workflow Basics

Module 5 is all about doing some "work" on your workflow! We are going to have you outline your workflow and reflect on ways you can improve the workflow you already have for your business. 

Module 6 - Workflow Essentials

Module 6 is where we cover all of the components of a workflow that are essential to form in order to really speed up your process and save yourself time! We provide you with email templates and our questionnaires to help get you started. We talk about communication tips that will save you so much time in the long run! 

Module 7 - Our Start to Finish Workflow

Module 7 is where we wrap it all up and talk about our start to finish workflow. We talk about what happens every step of the way from when the client inquires to when we deliver the gallery to our clients! It is good!!  

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Hey, We are Erin & Emily -- identical twin sisters who used to be those nerdy science teachers. We are obsessed with all things sweet, being goofy, reality TV, and we love a good workout!

We are super excited to use our love for teaching to guide you in something we are so passionate about.

We hope you join us for this fun experience!

E-Squared Photography Pricing & Workflow Course

Stop becoming frustrated and overwhelmed by your pricing and workflow process and join us today! 

We are so excited to share this course with you to help simplify pricing and speed up your workflow process! 

ENROLL NOW for only $127